What is TransAwesome all about?

It’s a general site for Raine to use, that explores some of their interests. This includes some of their writings, explores some of their activism, and their love of video games. Other topics may include, living with disabilities, fashion, and general interests.

Umm… Okay, but what makes it awesome? Why TransAwesome?

It’s Raine’s personal motto, if you can be anything. Why not be awesome? They are also Trans identifying, and so it seem like a solid fit.

So what all will be on the site?

Well, looking at the future you’ll see a regular twitch stream featuring Raine. Some of the games will featured will be, League of Legends, FFXIV, Guild Wars 2, FFIX, and random games with friends.

On top of articles exploring Raine’s extensive knowledge base, and public speaking roles. There will also be articles taking a closer look at some of Raine’s fashion, their struggles with disabilities, and random topics of interest.

There are plenty of ways to interact with Raine, feel free to reach out to her on social media such as Twitter. Head on over to her personal page to get a closer look at who they are. Cheers!


Hopefully, I try to keep things positive. I rather encourage education through a level headed approach.

The big bad disclaimer!

While much of this is written exclusively by Raine, with occasionally having outside input. We are not medical professionals, we do not have the end all be all answers. While much of this comes from scholarly study, human error can occur. We always try to look at things factually, with backings of psychology, and sociology based study. There can be errors, and w’e’re not upset when individuals may want to argue or challenge statements said. ¬†After all, the Socratic Method has worked for centuries, why fight it now?

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