For my Article on Sailor Moon, and how it influenced my approach to feminine style. I threw together this look from some items I had laying around so to say. Roughly in total cost, the look cost me around 80-90$. for everything you see. Many of the items I consider versatile, such as the dress shirt, boots, and skirt. The fur vest I had gotten on sale for around 5$ a long time ago, and rarely wear it. Though I thought it added a fun aesthetic to the look, and made it more “girl on the town.” I did not include the wig in the price estimate because I genuinely can’t remember how much it cost.

In general, most of my items I wear come from Amazon or Sale racks. Simple dress shirts rarely go out of style, so I will splurge a bit and get them at a bit higher price if the fit is super nice. That said, getting back to the look. I wanted to do a really simple make-up. I figured Sailor Mercury even as a punk crusader would keep her make-up lighter, I used mostly Elf products for this make-up. I did a tinted moisturizer, a very soft blush, with a lighter eye. I did accent with a bit of a darker color closer to where my eye lashes are to help my eyes pop. For the lip, I used a Elf Lipstick that was super close to my lips actually skin tone, and I mixed it with a dark blue lip liner. I got the lip liner in a huge collection┬áthat I had gotten on sale a bit back. Quick Tip, if you make an Amazon wish list, you’ll get notified of price changes by email. All together, with make-up included, I spent about 15 minutes getting ready with this look. Well, except for the wig, I had never worn a wig before so it took me a bit to get it to look right.

Note: I did do some photo editing to adjust some colors to better fit how they actually looked. I also did some minor touch ups to where my beard line is in a couple photos as I didn’t shave right before. In general, I only darkened/red-eyed a couple photos. I blurred out some of the side stuff to help focus the picture on my look here.

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